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Academic Reference Letter

Let’s meet – Level 1
Excuse me! – Level 2
20 Questions – Level 3
Rapid-fire Question – Learn to play – Level 4
Rapid-fire Questions – the Game – Level 5

Sentence Builder Games

Working as an Au Pair in English

Ancient Robots -reading
Ancient Robots – video

Select your class and enter your code. Your code is the same for the class and the practice area.

Class: Beginner 1 – Let’s talk: Basic expressions, colours, the alphabet
Practice Area: Beginner 1 practice
Reading Practice: Let’s Meet Martin

Class: Beginner 2 – numbers, ordinals, days and months
Practice Area: Beginner 2 practice

Class: Beginner 3 – The city and the country, the verb ‘to be’ (affirmative)
Practice Area: Beginner 3 practice

Class: Beginner 4 – ‘to be’ practice, Subject Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns
Practice Area: Beginner 4 practice
Reading Practice: Reading 1 (Meet Sam)

Class: Beginner 5 – Learn ‘to be’ (Negatives and Questions), Count versus Non-count Nouns
Practice Area: Beginner 5 practice

Class: Beginner 6 – Count and non-count nouns. A, an, the or Nothing? Some or any?
Practice Area: Beginner 6 practice

Class: Beginner 7 – Normal Verbs- When do we use ‘do’?
Practice Area: Beginner 7 practice
Reading: Choose your own Adventure – Juan Martin and the Green Dragon

Class: Beginner 8 – Verb practice, possessive pronouns, subject and object pronouns
Practice Area: Beginner 8 practice

Class: Beginner 9 – Family, adjectives, possessive adjectives
Practice Area: Beginner 9 practice

Class: Beginner 10 – The body, prepositions of place
Practice Area: Beginner 10 practice
Reading: Astrid’s Place

Class: Beginner 11 – Telling Time Advanced
Practice Area: Beginner 11 practice

Class: Beginner 12 – Let’s meet. – Prepositions of time and place together.
Practice Area: Beginner 12 practice

Class: Beginner 13 – House and Home, there is/are
Practice Area: Beginner 13 practice

Class: Beginner 14 – Company is coming!
Practice Area: Congratulations! You have passed all the beginner levels!