Vocabulary for Gender Reading (B2+)

Let’s review some vocabulary we’ll need for the reading.
to matter – to be important
put up with – to tolerate
ambiguous – open to more than one interpretation
unless – except on the condition that
trivial – unimportant
came out – appeared/was created
in matters of – in things related to
denied – the opposite of accepted
be granted – to be given or agreed to
shifted – change
either way – in either manner
yet – but
claimed – stated to be
perpetuate – to cause to continue
chances – the probability
on board – to be in agreement with
just – only
go about – to do
rather – to some extent/somewhat
dismissive – to not take seriously
approach – attempt
old-fashioned – not modern/outmoded
clunky – not smooth or elegant
unlike – not similar to
final draft – the edited version, which has been edited
rapidly – quickly
fruitful – productive
doesn’t cut it – not acceptable or satisfactory