A to Z Alphabet Warm Up Games

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Around the world

1.) Flip a category card, or make up your own.
2.) Players go around in a circle, thinking of words that start with each letter of the alphabet. The letters Q, X, Y, and Z are only done once, in the first round. Players have 5 opportunities to say “skip”.
3.) Can you make it through the alphabet three times?

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What Starts With The Letter?

alphabet board game

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1.) Think of four or five categories. Common ones for this game are first names, colours, places and animals.
2.) Players each make a chart with the categories along the top and the alphabet down the side.
3.) Flip the first card, and race to think of a word for each category that begins with the letter. The first player to complete that row calls out “stop!” If nobody completes the challenge within thirty seconds, flip the next card.
4.) Once all of the letters have been done, players count their words. You can play that either the player with the most words, or the most completed rows wins.

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Back to Back

back to back alphabet game

1.) The first player says any word in English. The next player must think of a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word.
2.) Players have 5 seconds to think of a word! You can’t repeat words that have already been said, or you are eliminated from the round.
3.) How many words can you think of?