Business English Lessons and Topics

business English lesson

1.) How will improving your business English help you at work?
2.) What specific business English skills do you need to work on?
3.) What goods or services does your company or field provide?

A business dialogue – Add the correct forms of ‘be’ and ‘do’. (Pre-intermediate)

A customer complaint – Put the sentences of the email in order. (Intermediate/Advanced)

Inappropriate emails – How would you rewrite the emails to be more appropriate? (Advanced)

Complete the business letter – A phrasal verbs gap fill (Advanced)

Finances and Loans – A complete lesson plan (High intermediate/Advanced)

Brainstorming – How to

Brainstorming side hustles – A speaking activity about side hustles.

Making Difficult Decisions – How do you make decisions?

SWOT Analysis – A complete lesson plan (High intermediate/Advanced)

Useful External Links:
Business English listening exercises – Comprehension activities from ESL Lounge
Freakonomics Radio – Fabulous, free Podcasts on a wide variety of topics related to economics

Business English Role Plays – Scenarios from R2G

Investopedia – Lots of interesting articles to learn about the economy.
Business Magazine – British Council’s online business magazine

JimmyESL – 20 business English lesson plans on interesting topics
Business English – resources from English Club


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