Prepositions RESCUE!

Quick! How many words do you see? How many of them are red? How many of them are dark blue? Light blue? Dark green? Lime green? Orange? Purple? Which three words do you see twice?

All of these words are called prepositions.

Prepositions are very common. We use them to talk about directions, location and time.

Directions: The classroom in on the 2nd floor.

Locations: We sit in our chairs.

Time: Let’s meet at 3 o’clock.

They also introduce an object, a noun, a noun phrase or a pronoun.

I have a bottle of water.

If that isn’t confusing enough, we also combine prepositions with verbs to make phrasal verbs.

As you can see, we use prepositions a lot! And yes, to be honest, they are a challenge.

But don’t worry! (Be happy!)

We will learn some basic ideas to help us remember which word to use, we will memorize some combinations, and we will practice together. Also, every time that you read, listen to music, play videogames or watch something in English, you are learning a little more about prepositions.

Prepositions of place – Vocabulary

Prepositions of place practice – a drag and drop game to label the picture

Prepositions of place speaking practice – Label the objects, then try to remember where they are

Prepositions of place – drawing activity

Verb-preposition combinations – Learn and practice with games and activities.