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Topics A-F

The Alphabet – New Beginner (A1)

Animals – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Around Town – Mixed Levels (B1-C1)

Arts and Crafts – Beginner (A1-A2)

Beer – Low Intermediate + (B1-B2)

Body Language – Mixed Levels (B2-C2)

Borders and Crossing the Border – Mixed Levels (B1-C2)

Brainstorming – Mixed Levels (A2-C2)

Business English – Mixed Levels (A2-C2)

Camping – Mixed Levels (A2-B2)

Charts and Graphs – Mixed Levels (B1-C2)

Chess – Mixed Levels (A2-C2)

Clothing and Fashion – Mixed Levels (B1-C2)

Clutter – Beginner/Low Intermediate (A1-B1)

Colours Beginner (A1)

Commonly Confused Words – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Crime and Punishment – Mixed Levels (A2-C2)

Days and Months – Beginner (A1)

Disasters, Emergencies and Crisis – Mixed Levels (B1-C2)

(The) Environment  – Mixed Levels (B1-C2)

Essay Writing – Mixed Levels (B1-C2)

Family – Beginner (A1-A2)

Famous People – Mixed Levels (B1-C2)

Feelings – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Finances and Loans – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Finances – Saving Money – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Food – Mixed Levels (B1-C2)

Topics G-L

Geography – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Gender and Gendered Language – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Gossip – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Health – Mental – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Holidays and special days of the year – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

House and Home – Rooms and furniture – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

(The) Human Body – Beginner/Low Intermediate (A1-B1)

Idioms and Expressions – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Job Interviews – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Labour Unions – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Topics M-S

Memory – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Movies – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Music – Learn English with songs! (Mixed Levels)

Nature – The Forest for the Trees – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Numbers and ordinals – Beginner (A1)

Outer Space – Beginner (A1-A2)

(The) Panopticon – High Intermediate/Advanced (B2-C2)

Parties and celebrations – Beginner/Intermediate (A1-B2)

Poetry – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Politics – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Portmanteaus – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Pronunciation – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Punctuation – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Reddit – Mixed Levels

Renting an apartment – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Resumes and Cover Letters – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Root Words – High Beginner/Advanced (A2-C2)

Seasons, Temperature and the Weather – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Small Talk – Mixed Levels (A2-C2)

Social issues – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Sports and games – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Topics T-Z

Technology – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Telling time – Beginner (A1-A2)

Test preparation – IELTS, TOEFL, ICFES – Mixed Levels

Travel and Tourism – Mixed Levels (A1-C2)

Values – Core Values – Mixed Levels (B1-C2)

Virtual Reality – Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)

Volcanoes – El Nevado del Ruiz -High Intermediate/Advanced (B2-C2)

War and Conflict Mixed Levels (A2-C2)

Word builders – Mixed Levels