Astrid’s Place – ESL Beginner Reading

Astrid's place

Let’s read about Astrid’s place to practice numbers and ordinals, and to learn lots of new vocabulary.

Here are some of the vocabulary we will see in the text. Can you connect the words?

Astrid’s Place

Astrid lives on the 1st floor, in apartment 101. She likes cats, and she has four of them. Two of her cats are old and have soft, black fur, one is grey and white and one is a kitten. The kitten is big and orange and has a fat stomach and very big paws. The black cats sleep on Astrid’s bed with her at night. The grey and white cat sleeps in a box in the kitchen. The orange cat usually sleeps on the sofa. His name is King. He is Astrid’s favourite.

Mike lives on the 2nd floor, in apartment 207. He likes to dance to quiet, classical music. He is a really good dancer. He has wide shoulders, a square jaw, and long legs. He is handsome, and Astrid has a crush on him. He is a history student. He studies fat, old books in the evenings, usually between 6:00 and 9:30 PM. His favourite topic is the Second World War.

Gertrude and Ruth live on the 3rd floor, in apartment 304. Both of them are in their 80s. They go out for a walk every morning, and then they have breakfast at their favourite restaurant. They only watch TV on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Their favourite series starts at seven thirty. It is a nature program about interesting animals. Their TV is old and small. They really want a big, beautiful, new TV, but they don’t have enough money to buy one. They drink a lot of pop and they eat a lot of fast food, but they are skinny.

There is a party on the 4th floor. It’s Sebastian and Trudy’s place. There are a lot of people at the party. There are 37 people, 2 dogs and a parrot, all in that small space! It is crowded. The people play cards, sing and dance to loud music, eat delicious food and drink beer and wine. They are really noisy, and the women on the 3rd floor hope that the party ends soon. It is their 6th party this month, and the neighbours aren’t happy about it.

There is a nice man on the roof. His name is Troy. He has a long beard, but he is only 27.
He drinks a coffee with milk and sugar and he plays an old, brown guitar. He is happy to be alone in the fresh air. He sits and plays his guitar on the roof every day, from 7:45 until 10:15.