Body Language English Lesson

body language

What do you think?
1.) How important to do you think body language is in human communication?
2.) What percentage of our communication is non verbal? Take you guess.
3.) Describe a time that you could read someone’s body language. What were they expressing?
4.) Describe a time that someone’s body language and their words didn’t match up.
5.) What are some gestures that have different meanings in different cultures?


Feelings and Emotions – Label the emotions, and then select a facial expression. Try to describe it, so that another person can guess which one you are referring to.

Body Language Quiz – What do you know about nonverbal communication?


Body Parts – Review

Ten Verbs for Body Language – Learn and practice advanced vocabulary


The Ultimate Guide to Body Language – Select an article to read


Body Language and Manipulation – Read, replace words, and discuss your ideas.