Body Parts Idioms and Expressions

Did you know that there are lots of idioms and expressions in English that are based on body parts?

As you read through the lists, try using the expressions in your own sentences.

Idioms and expressions for the face and head:

To see eye to eye – to agree
To play it by ear – to not plan, but rather make decisions as the situation demands
To be wet behind the ears – to be inexperienced and young
To keep your nose clean – to stay out of trouble
To keep your chin up – to maintain a positive attitude, to be mentally strong
To have a big mouth – to be a gossip, to talk too much
To have a sweet tooth – to like sweet foods
To be in over your head – to be in a situation you can’t deal with by yourself
To bite your tongue – to say nothing, though you want to
To say something tongue in cheek – to say something as a joke

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Idioms and expressions for other body parts:

To wash your hands of something or someone – to no longer take responsibility
To give a hand – to help
To point the finger at someone – to accuse, lay blame
To stick out like a sore thumb – to be conspicuous or obvious
To be a pain in the neck – to be annoying
To cost an arm and a leg – to be very expensive
To pull someone’s leg – to be joking
To offer a shoulder to cry on – to offer moral support and sympathy
To have someone’s back – to support and defend someone
To get cold feet – to be nervous or have second thoughts before a big event
To be head over heels – to be in love
To stay on your toes – to stay alert

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