Brainstorming in English


Brainstorming is an easy technique. It’s also a powerful tool that you can use to help you solve problems more effectively. Take time to stop, look at what you are trying to solve. Think of lots of ways you could solve the problem. By generating new ideas, you give yourself more options, and more elegant solutions to try.

Too many people skip over this important step in their problem solving. In order to focus on your best ideas, you need to know what they are, right?

Brainstorming is just sitting down and imagining ideas, but few people understand how to use it correctly. For brainstorming to be effective, follow the four rules:

The Four Rules of Brainstorming
1.) Don’t edit yourself. Say every idea that comes to mind.
2.) Don’t evaluate or criticize any idea. Right now, there are no bad ideas.
3.) Build on the ideas you hear. What do they make you think of?
4.) When we are out of ideas, we are willing to feel uncomfortable. The next ideas are worth the wait.

Take the time to know your options, before you make a decision. Select the best few ideas, try each one, and learn. Wise people generate well considered options. Intelligent people feel which way the wind is blowing. They adapt.

Brainstorming gives you the chance to choose something self generated, from a wider range of options. You can always do what is expected of you. It’s the most cautious course of action. Even knowing you have choices is a way to be a little bit more in touch with yourself.

Let’s brainstorm some ideas together, to give it a try.

How many words do you associate with…in one minute?
Take turns offering each other challenges. For example: Apple
Generated words could include: fruit, red, green, tree, juice, agriculture, farmers