Conversation Questions – Gossip

1.) What is the difference between gossip and sharing news about others? What makes it gossip?
2.) In what ways is gossip wrong and harmful?
3.) In what ways might gossip be good and helpful?
4.) Have to ever regretted something that you said about someone else?
5.) Have you ever been glad that you said something about another?
6.) Have you ever been hurt by negative rumors about you?
7.) What do you do when someone gossips to you about your friends?
8.) Have you ever used gossip to hurt someone you don’t like?
9.) Has someone who didn’t like you ever used gossip to hurt you?
10.) Does it bother you to think that people are gossiping about you?
11.) Do you take time to verify information before you share it with others?
12.) Some people even gossip about famous people, people that they don’t know and are unlikely to ever meet. Why do people follow celebrity gossip? What do you think they get out of it?

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