Core Values – Spin the Wheel!

What are your core values? Here, we will explore this and leave the class with loads of new vocabulary, important skills that we can generalize to improve our level, and a personalized shield representing our individual core values.

Check out the warm up video here.

Play our values conversation game on Instagram.

OR just select a value from the wheel and challenge another player to respond.

Vocabulary and Core Values Discussion Guide

Famous quotes about values – Read and discuss

Reading and discussion: 12 Famous Philosophers and their Guiding Principles

Reading: Let’s learn more about shields

Further Reading (Advanced): Self-Reliance, by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Writing: What are your top four core values? How did you decide on these values over others? Is it difficult to live by your values? Describe a time that you didn’t follow your values. Describe a time that you followed your values even though there were consequences.

Activity: Create your own Values shield.