Directions – A Map of Katestown

following directions in English map of Katestown

Following Directions in English can be difficult. Are you good at asking for, and understand directions in English?

Let’s play around with giving and getting directions.

Select any place on the map to meet. Tell us the meeting place.
Select a destination.

Give us directions to get to your location.

Useful Vocabulary
Let’s review some English basics.

Cross the bridge.
Cross the street.

Pass a church.
Go past a street.

Walk/Drive/Ride for 2 blocks.
Go straight until you reach…
Walk/Drive/Ride until you arrive at….
Keep going until you get to…

Turn right/left on the corner of…
Take a right/left at the corner.

Take your first right/left.

When you see the sign, take the next exit on your right.