Employment Preferences – Conversation

job interviews employment preferences

Let’s talk about you job preferences. What is most important to you?

Put the options in order of your preferences, and talk about why you chose this order.

1.) What might you accept in-lieu of a higher salary?

– 5 extra vacation days a year
– 3 extra discretionary days and 2 extra sick days
– an excellent, extended health plan
– a promise of a promotion within a year
– career development and training paid for by the company

2.) What factors matter to you most?

– your work is close to home
– you get along well with the people you work with
– you think that your work contributes something positive to your community
– the company has similar values to your own
– you have opportunities to grow professionally
– other

3.) Which perks are the best?

– free membership to a quality gym
– lots of work parties and outings
– free coffee, snacks and lunches
– discounts on flights and hotels
– Paid tuition and study time for university level courses
– other