External Links – ESL Resources

Our collection of great games and resources from around the web:

Classroom Resources – General

Lanternfish – A large collection of topics, including business English
Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab – Listening and comprehension activities
ESL Lounge – Lesson Plans and interactive activities
ESL Galaxy – Worksheets (not interactive)
Make Believe Comix – Design your own comics
British Council – Lesson plans
Liveworksheets – Interactive online practice
Video Lessons – Short videos with vocabulary, quizzes and discussion questions
Test English – Take a test to determine your level, and find lots of exercises to help you improve.
Make it Meme – Write your own captions to create memes.

Classroom Resources – Science and Technology

National GeographicKids
Exploration Technology lab – National Geographic
Live Science – Interesting articles about science, history, health, and more
NASA Space Place
Nature.org – Virtual field trips and resources about Nature and environment

Classroom Resources – History

World Population – Great teacher resources about human population, history and the environment

Ngram Viewer – Create charts of the usage of words throughout time.

Interactive Games (all ages)

Among us – A fun way to practice writing and speaking
Gamestolearnenglish – Practice grammar and vocabulary with games
Eslkidsgames – Quizzes, worksheets and games for younger students
General vocabulary here – Multiple choice
Personality quiz – Unique quizzes to use in speaking practice
Can you remember these numbers? – Memory and matching games for all ages
Typing games – A fun way to practice English with Turtle Diary
Tangram builder – Play tangrams to practice shapes and prepositions of place
Funbrain – A wonderful collection of games for kids
Sheppard Games
Can you remember the order
Decorate the treehouses – An example of a fun game from PBSkids.
Music Lab – Make your own music with interesting tools.
Find the hidden letters in the garden – Describe where the letters are
How many sandwiches can you make?
Solitaired – Play Solitaire online

Games and Activities (Kids)

Drawing and colouring online
Doodle online
Hidden objects
Ancient Greece art
Hidden objects – Find the hidden objects and online colouring

Dinosaur bridge here
Identify the dinosaur here
Dinosaur dig video here
Reading and questions here

Find the differences between the pirate ships.
Colour the pirate ship here
Pirate vocabulary match here
Pirate story here
Pirate board game for adjectives here.
Ocean puzzle here
Pirate song for ar sound here
Sea animal vocab memory game here

Learn about unicorns – Read about unicorns
Paint the unicorns – Online painting
Match the unicorns – Memory game