Family – Reading and Conversation

In order to play the game, we will want to know as much as we can about the family.

1.) Examine the family tree.
2.) Read about the family.


Family tree


Ruth is 75. She is a grandmother. She is married to Joseph. She is old and thin. She has grey hair. She lives on a mountain in a blue and yellow house. She likes to swim and she doesn’t like to watch TV. Her favourite colour is red.

Joseph is a nice, fat grandfather. He has a brown horse and he likes to ride his horse on Saturdays.

Frank is Sue’s husband. He is short. He wants a white chicken. He has 86 apple trees on his farm. Frank likes to read big books.

Sue is Ruth and Joseph’s daughter. She studies plants. She is beautiful, but she is mean.

David is Ruth and Joseph’s son. He is 45 and he is Sue’s brother. He likes mushrooms, but he doesn’t like tomatoes. He lives in his big, brick house.

Jane is David’s wife. She is 43 and she has short, black hair. She has two children, two girls, Sarah and Kathy. Jane sells carrots, potatoes and lettuce.

Bob is Frank and Sue’s son. His siblings are Joe and Kelly. Bob is nice. He is 18. He likes to walk in the garden and ask questions.

Joe is Bob’s brother. He is also Frank and Sue’s son. He is a teenager.

Kelly is Bob and Joe’s sister. She likes to read.

Sarah is Kathy’s sister. She is David’s daughter. She is Frank’s niece, and Joseph’s granddaughter.

Kathy is tall. She likes her parents and she has a pet fish, but she does not have a dog. Kathy likes dogs, and wants to have one, but she is too busy with work, so she isn’t usually in her house.


1.) Set up the game.
– Select your question category or categories.
-Optional: Add a scoreboard or game.

2.) Players or teams take turns asking and answering questions about the family.

A turn:
Player 1 – Ask Player 2 a question about the family.
Player 2 – Answer the question. (Optional – You win a point/role.) It is your turn to ask a question.


Practice BE

Read the dialogue, and select the correct answers.

Player 1: Is Sue Jane’s aunt? Player 2: Yes, she is her aunt./No, she isn’t her aunt.

Player 2: Is David Ruth and Joseph’s son?
Player 1: Yes, he is their son./No, he isn’t their son.

Continue forming questions and answers about the family.

Practice BE and DO

Read the dialogue:

Player 1: Is Kathy short?
Player 2: No, she isn’t. She is tall.

Player 2: Do Ruth and Joseph have children?
Player 1: Yes, they do. They have two children.

Player 1: Does Joseph have a white horse?
Player 2: No, he doesn’t. He has a brown horse.

Continue forming questions and answers about the family.

Practice Family Vocabulary with Possessive Nouns

Optional: Add Possessive Adjectives

Player 1: Who is Joseph to Kathy?
Player 2: Joseph is Kathy’s ______. (He is her ______.)

Player 2: Who is Frank to Sue?
Player 1: Sue is Frank’s ______.

Continue forming questions and answers with the following:

Kathy is Kelly’s ______.
Ruth is Sue’s ______.
David is Joe’s ______.
Joseph is Sarah’s ______.
Sarah is Kathy’s ______.
Sarah and Kathy are ______.
Bob is Joe’s ______.