Family – Who Are You Talking About?

Let’s practice vocabulary for family by playing Who are you talking about?

1.) Each player (or team) begins the game with 5 points.
2.) Each player/team selects a secret person from the family in the image below.
3.) The players/teams both share 2 true sentences about the person’s relationships.
4.) The player’s take turns asking questions, to determine who the other’s player/team’s person is.
5.) The first player/team to guess correctly gets a point.
6.) Any incorrect guess costs a point.
7.) The first player/team to reach 10 points wins the game.

Player A – Ben is this person’s brother. Jessica is this person’s grandmother.
Player B – Is Noah this person’s son?
Player A – No, he isn’t.
Player B – The person is Emily.

family extended family tree for who are you taking about game