Getting started in second life

It takes a few minutes to get started in SL (Second Life), but you’ll be glad you took the time. We hope this short guide will help.


How to get started:

1.  Go to

2. Click “Join free”.

3. Create your account.

4. Choose membership level.  Go basic is free.

5. Accept the option to download the viewer to your desktop, and you are ready to log on.

To Log on:

1. Click on the viewer on your desk top.

2.  Sign in.

You begin with a basic avatar.  This is your body. Don’t worry, you can change it later.

2. When you first land, you will find yourself in a place that offers a tutorial. It is worth going through it.

3. Once you have tried out the basics of SL, we suggest going to Caledon Oxbride Gateway. (To teleport there, find WORLD at the top of your screen. Select SEARCH, and enter Caledon Oxbride Gateway. Click teleport.) Here you will find all of the help you need. There are interactive lessons on basic topics, freebies to help you start to morph into your ideal avatar and volunteers to answer any of your questions.

4. Come see us at the club! (To teleport here, type ‘Exhibit A English Club’ into the search and select teleport.)

If you have a class or meeting scheduled with us, or you are a VIP member, staff will be waiting to teleport you directly to the club or another pre-arranged location.

We hope this helps to get you started in SL. See you when you get here!

How to get the most of our exhibits and classes:

To see the displays and games clearly, use your camera controls, which are located at the bottom of your screen.  These are easier than trying to position yourself to see, and avoid you standing in the way of someone else.  If you find things too dark, no problem.  You control the time of day!  Go to ENVIRONMENT in the WORLD drop down menu, and select MIDDAY.  IF you suddenly have a weird view, you probably walked into something.  Just take a step back. 

As with everything in SL, it is best to go slowly and be patient.  Sometimes it can take a moment for the world to fully load. Close any applications that you don’t need. If you are a teacher in a class where one or more people don’t have a strong enough connection, you may want to switch to a videoconferencing application with screen share. This would limit the experience, as students wouldn’t be able to attend in person with their own avatars, but it would still make for a visually interesting and varied class experience.

Sometimes you can interact with the objects around you.  Right click on an object for options.  Some examples of right-click options are sit down in a chair, turn on a lamp, donate or buy something.  Occasionally you can also left-click.  Left click on normal doors to open them.  If you have permission, you can go to different sites on the smart TVs by left-clicking the side of the TV.

Please remember that SL isn’t a game.  It’s a virtual world, created by the people who live here and the people you meet here are real people.  Parents of minors should adjust the parental controls and make sure a responsible adult is keeping an eye on things. Our club is an inclusive, respectful place in a safe and friendly community.  If you are ever out exploring the wider SL world and feel uncomfortable, remember that you can always teleport here, back to the club.

We hope that you find your own unique way to enjoy the club. We’d love to hear about what you did. Contact us and tell us about your adventure!