Gossip – Listening Video Activity (C2)

Let’s watch a video clip about gossip and share our thoughts about it.

gossip feathers movie clip

From the film Doubt (2008)

Vocabulary we’ll need:
Can you match up these vocabulary words? We will need them to understand the video clip!

Let’s take turns challenging each other to use the words in sentences.

Let’s watch a Video:

1.) Before we start, tell us what you anticipate. Considering that today’s topic is gossip, and looking at the still image of the video, what do you expect to see in the video?
2.) The first time we watch it: Focus on understanding the basic concepts.
3.) The second time we watch it: Listen for and list new vocabulary words. Can you guess their meaning from the context?

From the movie Doubt, 2008

Comprehension Questions:

1.) Why did the priest tell the woman to stab a pillow?
2.) What reasons does the priest give for why gossip is wrong?
3.) How does the priest feel while he is giving his sermon? How can you tell?


Write a 250 word essay about the video clip. Make sure that you have a main idea and at least two supporting ideas.