Let’s invent a character together.

Question invent character

Let’s build a character together. A hypothetical third person we can refer to.

1.) What is our character’s name?
2.) How old is s/he?
3.) What does s/he look like?
4.) Where does s/he live?
5.) Who does s/he live with? Talk about his/her family.

6.) Who are our character’s closest friends?
7.) What is his/her profession, job, or occupation?
8.) Does s/he have any pets?
9.) What is our character’s routine?
10.) What are his/her hobbies?

11.) What are his/her core values?
12.) What does his/her home look like?
13.) Who does s/he admire? Why?
14.) What does s/he remember most. What are his/her highs and lows in life?
15.) What does s/he aspire to? What are his/her main goals in life?

16.) When is s/he happiest?
17.) What are his/her best qualities and strengths?
18.) What are his/her worst qualities and weaknesses?