Like, be like, or look like?

Like, be like, or look like? What’s the difference and how do we use these in English?

Let’s figure it out together.

like, be like, look like updated

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Who do these animals look like? – Speaking activity

Conversation Question Starters
Take turns asking the questions. Replace the underlined words with your own ideas.

1.) Do you like broccoli? (Add any noun)
2.) Do you like living here? (Add any verb+ing)
3.) Which do you like more, the pool or the beach?
4.) What is your kitchen like?
5.) What are your parents like?
6.) What is it like, living in your neighbourhood? (Add any verb+ing).
7.) Do you look like your parents?
8.) Who do I look like? (Add do or does and a person or animal.)
9.) Can you think of two people who look like each other?