Managing in a Unionized Environment

Unions unionized environments

Let’s learn how to talk about managing in a unionized environment in English. (C2 Lesson)


Look at the cartoons and decide if they are more pro or against unions. What are the artists saying?

unions against

by Karl Wilmer, 2008

Mike Keffe, 2011


union – sindicato
strike – huelga
picket line – piquete
grievance – queja formal
harassment – acoso
impasse – ‘punto muerto’
deadline – fecha de entrega
optics – percepcion publico
staff member – personal o empleado/a
procedures – procedimiento
address – verb, abordar o dirigirse
deal with – verb, manejar o soportar


Connecting words – Learn elegant options for common connecting words.

Connecting words – Quiz

Infinitive or gerund? – Try the quiz to decide which form of the verb makes sense in context.

Must and Have to


Watch the video, and then write a short essay summarizing the pros and cons in your own words.


History Magazine – Read the introduction, and select ONE of the strikes to read about.


Conversation Questions
1.) Have you, or has someone you know worked in a unionized job?
2.) As a worker, would you rather be in a union or not?
3.) As a manager, would you prefer working in a unionized, or non-unionized workplace?
4.) If you were a small business owner, would you encourage your workers to unionize?
5.) How would the world be different now, if unions had never existed?
6.) What do you think unions will look like in the future?
7.) Do you think essential workers should have the right to strike?
8.) Would you ever cross a picket line, in order to work as a replacement worker?