Margaret’s Vacation – Reading Quiz Game

Let’s practice reading in English.

Before we start, do you know the following words?

pick up
get to (do something)


time off
nick nack


My name is Margaret. I’m a mother of two young children as well as a manager in a bank, so my schedule is really busy. As you can imagine, I’m always really grateful for my time off!

My last vacation was in April. This trip was special, because my friends planned it for me for my birthday.

I left the children with their dad, and went on a week-long vacation with my best friends, Toby and Linda. We traveled by bus to Salento, a beautiful, traditional town in the coffee district of Colombia.

We stayed in a rustic, but very comfortable hotel, and ate delicious meals at the hotel’s restaurant. My favourite dish was the trout in cream sauce. Toby loved it too.

We got up early every morning to do something fun. We hiked, went horseback riding, and explored the town. On the last day of our trip, we took an amazing coffee tour with Angela, our tour guide. She was just great.

While we were in town, I bought myself some well-made, leather boots and a colourful, wool scarf. I also picked up some nick-nacks as gifts for my friends and family, of course.

The weather was cool and fresh. The locals were inviting and warm. And, of course, I got to drink the best coffee in the world!

Can you answer the questions correctly in the Present and Past Simple? Give it a try!

Here are the game questions again, in case we want to look at the grammar:

1.) Is Margaret a mom?
2.) Is Margaret a mechanic?
3.) Are Toby and Linda Margaret’s best friends?
4.) Are the people she met rude and cold?
5.) Does the hotel have a restaurant?

6.) Was Angela their tour guide?
7.) Were the boots Margaret bought made of plastic?
8.) What was the weather like?
9.) Was the hotel rustic?

10.) Did Margaret and Toby both enjoy the trout?
11.) Did Margaret leave her children with her mother?
12.) When did Margaret go on vacation?
13.) Where did Margaret and her friends eat their meals?
14.) Why was this vacation special?
15.) How did Margaret and her friends get to Salento?