Media Blackout! -English Reading Games

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Media Blackout! is a disappearing text style reading game.

1.) The first player reads through the entire story, then covers any four words. (You can target special categories, like verbs or adjective for example.)
2.) The next reader repeats the process, remembering the covered words, and covering four more.
3.) Continue until someone can’t recall a missing word, or you run out of black out squares.

NOTE: If you’re an especially competitive group, ask everyone to hold up their hands, to avoid anyone writing down words or taking screen shots.

Select your game

Beginner Editions:

Meet Beth – New Beginner Present Simple with basic verbs

Weather and the Seasons

House and Home

Martin’s Day – Past Simple with basic verbs

Intermediate and Advanced Editions:

Past Simple – Past Simple with high intermediate/advanced verbs