Odd One Out – Animals

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Which one is the odd one out? There is no one correct answer! It can be anything about the words or the animals. The only rule are that first, the other three words are the same in a clear cut way, and second, that the odd one out is distinctly different from the other three.

1.) cow, leopard, giraffe, elephant, dalmatian
2.) Polar bear, crow, swan, snowy owl, albino lion
3.) buffalo, axolotl, ape, ant, antelope
4.) bat, cat, gnat, goat, rat
5.) crocodile, eagle, flamingo, gorilla, kangaroo
6.) rattlesnake, bobcat, moose, jellyfish, butterfly
7.) deer, bee, cheetah, goose, eel
8.) spider, snake, iguana, fish, shark
9.) wolf, rabbit, lion, fox, hyena
10.) eel, alpaca, tiger, otter, alligator