Pacman Style Board Game


One player is Pacman, and all other players are ghosts. Ghosts work together as a team.

Ghosts: Your goal is to catch Pacman.

Pacman: Your goal is to get as many points as you can before you are caught.

Points: Pacman collects points by landing on the square with a point to collect. You get 1 point for landing on the square, and a second one if you can answer a question correctly.

Hearts: Hearts are extra lives. If you are playing as Pacman, you should try to collect them so that you can keep playing after you are caught! When you use a heart, all players return to their starting positions.

How to move: Role a die or use the flip card die.

How to play with two players: There are 2 ways to play with 2 players.
Option one: One player is Pacman, and the other player is a ghost.
Option two: One player is Pacman, and the other player is two ghost. The ghost player roles one die for each of their pieces, and Pacman gets to role twice.

Customize your game:
-The game is set up with 3 extra lives and 20 points, to correspond with 20 questions. If you’d prefer to have more or less of these, add them or remove them from the board before you begin the game.
-If you have more than 4 players, create teams that work together to decide on their moves.