Phrasal Verbs Board Game

phrasal verbs board game promo

Let’s practice with a phrasal verbs board game.

This game can be played with two players, or you can form teams.
1.) Each player begins on their square, on either side of the board.
2.) Players role a die to determine the number of squares they can move forward. If there are options, players can go in any direction they want to.
3.) To claim the square, players make a sentence with a phrasal verb, using the verb. If they can’t, they return to their position before their last role of the die.
Optional- To make it more challenging, players must use specific tenses or grammar points.
4.) For a shorter game, the goal is to be the first player to reach the star at the top of the board. For a longer game, players have to land on the star, then make it back to home base.

Players can’t repeat any phrasal verbs that have already been used in the game. If another player catches a repeated phrasal verb, they get to move forward five squares.