Phrasal Verbs with GET

20 phrasal verbs with get

There are many phrasal verbs with get. First, let’s look at twenty of them, learn their definitions, and then see them in context with examples sentences. Second, we’ll review the flashcard, which you can use to help you to memorize the meanings. Third, we’ll try the interactive quizzes.

Meanings and Definitions of Phrasal Verbs with get

As you check out the examples, identify the verb tense of each one, and try making your own sentences.

1.) Get Up
Meanings: 1.) to stand, 2.) to move in an upward direction, 3.) to rise from bed
Example: The kids don’t like getting up early to go to school in the morning.

2.) Get up to
Meanings: 1.) to engage in, 2.) to do something that people disapprove of
Example: What did you guys get up to last Saturday night?

3.) Get down
Meanings: 1.) to descend, 2.) to become sad
Example: People that live in the far North sometimes get a little down during the long winters.

4.) Get down to
Meanings: 1.) to focus on, 2.) to have only a small amount remaining
Example: When you are done goofing around, we’ll to get down to work.

5.) Get in
Meanings: 1.) to enter, 2.) to gain access
Example: Until we bought proper containers, nice were always getting into the food stores.

6.) Get into
Meanings: 1.) to become involved in, 2.) to be accepted into a group, club, or institution
Example: My siblings have gotten into marshal arts lately.

7.) Get back
Meanings: 1.) to retrieve, 2.) to return to a place
Example: Make the most of every day. You can never get back the time.

8.) Get back at
Meaning: to retaliate / take revenge
Example: Don’t mind Susan. She’s just trying to get back at you for offending her last week.

9.) Get at
Meanings: 1.) to signify / attempt to communicate something, 2.) to access something that is enclosed
Example: Speak plainly. What are you getting at?

10.) Get on
Meanings: 1.) to board or mount (often transportation), 2.) to be successful at something
Example: Joe had already gotten on the train when he realized that he didn’t have his ticket.

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11.) Get on with
Meanings: 1.) to progress or continue, 2.) to begin (often after a pause or obstacle)
Example: Once the workers had the supplies, they were able to get on with the project.

12.) Get off
Meanings: 1.) to disembark or dismount (transportation, 2.) to move off from a place or surface
Example: We were chatting while the passengers were getting off the bus.

13.) Get over
Meanings: 1.) to recover from an illness, 2.) to no longer be upset
Example: It has taken the couple awhile to get over their argument.

14.) Get across
Meanings: 1.) to move from one side to the other over something, 2.) to convey information
Example: The old boss would use charts to help get her ideas across.

15.) Get through
Meanings: 1.) to move from one side to the other through an enclosed space, 2.) to endure a difficulty
Example: Hang in there. You are going to get through this.

16.) Get along
Meaning: 1.) to coexist well/ to have a friendship
Example: And I thought we were getting long so well.

17.) Get by
Meanings: 1.) to move past an obstacle, 2.) to subsist on a small amount of something
Example: The family had gotten by on one salary before Sam got a second job.

18.) Get out
Meanings: 1.) to leave or escape, 2.) Secret information being made public
Example: It’s good to get out for even a brief walk a couple of times a day.

19.) Get out of
Meaning: To avoid responsibility
Example: How are you planning to get out of attending the meeting?

20.) Get away
Meanings: 1.) To escape, 2.) to avoid capture
Example: The rabbit was able to get away when the fox was distracted.

Phrasal Verbs Flashcards

Use the interactive flashcards with get to memorize the meanings. As a classroom game, take turns making questions using targeted grammar points or tenses, and forming answers. Alternately, invent a story together, using each phrasal verb in your addition to the story.

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