Rapid-fire Question Warm Up

rapid fire questions game rapid-fire

Let’s play Rapid-Fire Questions!

Rapid-Fire for Intermediate + Students

See the version for low beginner students below.

1.) Players have 15 seconds to answer the questions.
2.) They must answer in full, correct sentences, and then again in a more natural way.
3.) The next player has an opportunity to correct.

Review how to answer the questions correctly before you play.

Version for Low Beginner Students

Here is another version of the game for students who are just starting to learn English:

-Collect some objects. Have some paper and a pencil handy, or a white board if you are playing online.

1.) Players take turns asking each other the questions.
2.) Players have 20 seconds to answer each question.
3.) Players must answer if full, correct sentences in order to move ahead.


How do we write ________?
What colour is a ________?
What number is it?
What letters are ___ and ___?
What action is this?
What time is it?

What is it?
What are they?

We write it ________.
It is ________.
It is ________.
They are ___ and ___.
It is ________.
It is ________.

It is ________.
They are ________.

Give us two examples of
…a colour.
…a day of the week.
…a month of the year.
…a vegetable.
…a building.
…a tool.
…an emotion.
…a plant.
…a planet.
…an appliance.
…a wild animal.
…a tame animal.
…an animal that has ________.
…a thing that is ________.

Two of them are …

Is ________
…a number?
…a letter?
…a colour?
…a day of the week?
…a month of the year?
…a vegetable?
…a building?
…a tool?
…a plant?
…a planet?
…a tool?
…an emotion?
…an appliance?
…an animal?

Yes, it is.
No, it isn’t.

What is ________ made of?

Do you like ________?
Do you like to ________?

Does s/he like ________?
Does s/he like to ________?

Do you feel ________ today?

Does s/he feel ________ today?

Does ________ have ________?
(animal and body part)
(food and ingredient)

It is made of ________.

Yes, I do.
No, I don’t.

Yes, s/he does.
No, s/he doesn’t.

Yes, I do./No, I don’t.

Yes, s/he does./No, s/he doesn’t.

Yes, it does.
No, it doesn’t.

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