Reading Charts Exercise – Renewable Energy

reading charts exercise renewable energy

Renewable 2019 Global Status Report, published by Ren 21

Let’s practice reading charts and graphs.

Look at the chart, and note down your thoughts. What do you notice? What comparisons can you make? What trends do you see?

1.) Set your timer. You will have 20 minutes to write your essay.

Structure your essay into four paragraphs:

Introduction – When possible, include the type of graph, the title, the date, and the topic. Include your main idea.

Paragraph 2 – Describe what the graph is representing and why it is relevant. What trend or comparison does it highlight?

Paragraph 3 – Talk about something significant that you notice. Use specific numerical details. Don’t forget to add the value terms, like ‘dollars’, or ‘degrees’.

Conclusion – Finish with a brief closing to round out your essay.