Role Plays Based on Movies Scenes

Select a scene, and a role from these role plays based on classic movie scenes.

1.) I don’t remember anything!

A wakes up in the hospital with amnesia.
B is a doctor. S/he has no information apart from A’s symptoms and how A arrived.
C is A’s partner.
D is a psychologist or psychiatrist tasks with helping A.
E is a nurse.

2.) Principle’s office

A is the principle, who is considering expelling a bad student.
B is the student.
C is a parent.
D is an angry teacher.
E is the principle’s secretary.

3.) Busted!

A is husband or wife on a date with a lover in a fancy restaurant.
B is the lover.
C is the partner.
D is a friend who saw the date and called the partner.
E is a server.

4.) Who done it?

A is an amateur detective, who will explain who the murderer is and how s/he knows.
B is a dinner guest and suspect.
C is a dinner guest and suspect.
D is a dinner guest and suspect.
E is a dinner guest and suspect.

5.) I’m innocent!

A is the defendant, on trial for murder.
B is A’s lawyer.
C is the judge.
D is the lawyer prosecuting attorney.
E is a witness for the prosecution.

6.) I’ll leave you with nothing
A meeting to try to resolve the case out of court.

A is the husband in a complicated divorce case. He cheated on his wife.
B is the wife, who is angry and wants to take the house and 80 of the family assets.
C is the husband’s lawyer.
D is the wife’s lawyer.
E is the mediator.