Signal Words for Perfect Tenses

Signal Words for Perfect Tenses

Signal words help us talk about the order and time of events.

already (adverb)
Something occurred before the present time, or by a specific time.
I have already reserved the tickets.
I had already been to the art gallery.

yet (adverb)
Something still has not occurred.
I haven’t bought the tickets yet.
Have you packed yet?

Yet is also a conjunction, that means but.

since (adverb)
From a time in the past until now.
We have waited for a taxi since we arrived.
We have waited for a taxi since 8:00AM.

for (preposition/conjunction)
Indicates a period of time.
We have been on the island for two weeks.

ever (adverb)
At any time
Have you ever been here before?

At no time.
I have never been to France.

Something occurred a short time before speaking.
I have just hear the news.

Just as also an adjective that means fair.

Something has occurred in the recent past.
I bought a new car recently.

so far
(adverbial phrase)
Something has occurred, or not occurred until now.
This cruise has been amazing so far!
We haven’t seen any dolphins so far.