Subject/object pronouns and Possessive Adjectives QUIZ


1. he
2. she
3. it
4. we
5. they


6. me
7. him
8. her
9. it
10. us
11. them


12. my
13. your
14. his
15. her
16. its
17. our
18. their


Replace the underlined words in the sentences. Use each one of the words with a number beside it only once. HINT: Use a process of elimination! If you do the ones you are sure about first, you will have a clearer picture of what the others might be.

A.) Tom is in the park.

B.) Of you and I car is outside.

C.) The birds are in the tree.

D.) Peter and Anna live in Paris.

E.) I visit Peter and Anna every day.

F.) Is this the flower’s vase?

G.) Does your mother like I?

H.) Peter and Anna’s house is in the city.

I.) We usually have lunch with Mary at noon.

J.) Your sister is really smart.

K.) The teacher gives Frank and I the book.

L.) It is John’s dictionary.

M.) Is it of you kite?

N.) Frank and I like funny movies.

O.) Is this our classroom? Yes, the classroom is.

P.) That is Kate’s jacket.

Q.) We sometimes go with our father to the stadium.

R.) It is of me cell phone.