Teleport – A Board Game

Teleport board game

Teleport is a free, interactive board game that English teachers and students can use to practice, well… anything. Just create a list of challenges to adapt the game to suit your needs.

You are also welcome to select from our ready-made game challenges.


Your mission is to get to all of the teleport stations before anyone else does. Teleport stations can be used to go to any landing pad (the blue squares). Player can only use each teleport station once, but they can return to any landing pad as often as they want to.

1.) All players begin on the red square. Select your colour and place your game piece in the starting position.
2.) Role a die to determine who goes first. The first player roles again, and moves in any direction on the board.
3.) To begin each turn, flip a card from the deck to receive a challenge. If you can complete the challenge, role die and move in any direction. If you can’t complete the challenge, the turn goes to the next player.
4.) Each time that a player gets to a landing pad, s/he adds a check mark to their mission, and has the option to stay on the same square, or teleport to any landing pad (blue square). Teleport stations can only be used once, but you can reuse landing pads as often as you like.
5.) The first player to complete the mission of going to all 6 teleport stations wins the game.

Flip a card for your challenge!

PRESENT SIMPLE GAME: Say why you think the technology is both good and bad. You can say, for example: I think fire is good because it cooks our food and gives us light, but it is bad because it can burn us.

COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES/PAST SIMPLE GAME: Tell us why life is better and/or worse because of the technology. You can say, for example: Our lives are better because we have fire. Before we had fire, we were cold and had to eat raw food. Now we are warmer and our food is healthier and more delicious.