Thanksgiving Day Conversation Questions

Before we begin, let’s look at the following vocabulary:
-Indoor taps with running water
-blessing in disguise
-go out of your way for someone
-something that goes a long a way

1.) Talk about a place that you are grateful for.

2.) What aspect of Nature are you most thankful for?

2.) Which modern conveniences do you appreciate most? Indoor taps with running water, electricity, gas or the Internet? Which one would you give up, if you had to choose?

3.) Can you think of a time when a situation seemed terrible, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

4.) Can you describe a time when when out of your way for someone, but you didn’t recieve the gratitude that you were expecting?

5.) Sometimes a small kindness goes a long way. Can you think of an example from your life?

6.) How do you usually express your gratitude?

7.) Do you owe anyone a debt of gratitude?

8.) Tell us about why you value something simple that many people take for granted.