The Conditional Chain Game

The conditional chain game is a great way to practice conditionals in English.

You know how I keep saying that “the ‘if’ and present simple go together, and the modal auxiliary verb and the base form of the verb go together’? Obviously, right? Why do I emphasis this? You are about to find out.

This game will help you master the conditionals, so you don’t trip over the grammar when you want to use it in conversation.

conditional chains game

This game can be played with 2 or more players. You can form teams, or go around in a circle.
You can practice any of conditionals.

1.) Player A makes the first part of a conditional sentence, using the ‘if’ clause.
2.) Player B makes up a result.
3.) Player A repeats Player A’s idea, using a conditional ‘if’ clause.
4.) The round continues until one of the players can’t go on.