Tic Tac Four – Irregular Verbs Games

tic-tac-four irregular verbs games

Practice irregular verbs in their Past Simple or past participle forms with this strategy game.


1.) Play with two players, or make two teams, an X team and an O team.
2.) Teams take turns selecting any verb on the board.
3.) Players must say what the past simple or the past participle of the verb is, and use it in a sentence to get that square. adapt the game to suit your lesson plan.

To make is more challenging, add a list of additional challenges that players can give each other. Some examples are ‘form a question’, ‘make a negative sentence’, ‘make a a past perfect sentence’, ‘use the passive voice’.

4.) Players try to get as many lines of four in a row (in any direction) as they can. Each line of four is worth a point.

There are two boards to select from, so that you can play different games. Choose a board, and have fun!