Twelve Phrasal Verbs Related to Crime

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Let’s learn some phrasal verbs related to crime and the Criminal Justice System.

look into = investigate
Researchers are looking into the root causes of crime.

look for = search/seek
Opportunists look for any chance to take advantage of others.

lock up = incarcerate (put in prison)
The most dangerous inmates are locked up in maximum security facilities.

tip off = warn of an impending crime
Someone overheard the men planning the kidnapping, and tipped off the police.

own up to = to confess
Few suspects own up to their misdeeds during investigation.

stake out = monitor a place in secret
The agents are staking out the hotel where the terrorist are staying.

run away / get away = escape
The hostages were able to untie themselves and run away.

run after = chase/pursue
The K9 ran after and subdued the suspect.

set up = make an innocent person look guilty
The woman set her husband up to look like the murderer.

hold up = to rob a place
The teenagers held up the liquor store.

do away with = to kill/murder
The investigators think the suspect planned to do away with his victim.

get away with = evade punishment for something
Criminals cover their tracks, to try to get away with their illegal actions.

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