Excuse Me! – Use English to learn English

Excuse Me! is a speaking where where you learn to use English to learn more English.

Do you have a question in class, but don’t know how to ask? Once you know how to play this game, you will be able to ask me in English, when do you don’t understand something.

Let’s do two practice rounds before we play, one with the word ‘bell’, and one with the word ‘zipper’.


Excuse me! Use English to learn English

Let’s read an example together:

Practice Dialogue:

Our word is Zipper.

Teacher: I love jeans. I wear jeans a lot. But I wish they had buttons, because the zipper

Student: Excuse me. May I interrupt?

Teacher: Sure.

Student: I don’t understand the word zipper. Please describe it.

Teacher: Sure! It is the metal thing that connects clothing.

Student: I still don’t understand. Please use gestures.

Teacher: Makes gestures.

Student: I still don’t understand. Please draw a picture.

Teacher: Draws a picture.

Student: I think that I understand! It is “cierre”.

Teacher: Yes!

Student: Thank you. Please continue.