valentine’s day Game – How well do you know…?

How to play:


-Decide on a time limit to respond to the prompts.

-Break into teams of two. If you have an uneven number, the teacher can play, or in higher level classes, a student can be in the role of moderator.

-Make sure the players on the same teams are sitting apart or otherwise can’t communicate while the game is in play.

-Every player should be ready to take notes.

-Do a practice round to Demonstrate the Game. An example could be: The 3 least romantic colours are…

Game Play

  1. Use the video below to play, pausing where it is indicated.

2. Students write down their ideas. The goal is to have the same ideas as their teammate. They will receive a point for each idea that they share in common.

3. Once the game is over, begin to tally up the scores. Teams take turns presenting their responses. If two answers are similar, but the not the same and a point is up for dispute, the moderator makes the call. If you have time, an alternative is to put a question mark and park any disputed points until all of the other points are counted, and to give teams an opportunity to defend their positions.