Verb Preposition Combinations

The rules for when to use different prepositions in English are very complicated. But there are lots of tricks to help you get it right. One of these tricks is to memorize verb preposition combinations.

Let me give you an example.

Which one is correct?
A) I listen at music.
B) I listen by music.
C) I listen to music.
D) I listen on music.

How did you know that the answer is C? Because… yes, right? 🙂

You know it because the verb ‘listen’ and the preposition ‘to’ go together, and you have memorized this combination by seeing and hearing it often.

Start a list of verb preposition combinations, and add to it whenever you find one. Notice them when you hear them or see them written down. You can even make flashcards and review them at a set time ever day. This trick will help you master prepositions and speak more fluently.

Learn and practice verb preposition combinations with the games below.