What’s the Same Game – Irregular Verbs

irregular verbs

Practice irregular verbs with a game of What’s the Same.


1.) This game needs two players or two teams. Each selects one of the two decks of cards.
2.) Be the first to call out the name of the image that is on both sets of cards.
3.) The player or team that calls out the image first moves to the next card. The other player or team stays on the same card. (Use the arrow button to move to the next card.)
4.) The first to go through all of the cards in their deck first wins.

Beginner students – The player who identifies the verb can use it in a Present Simple or Present Continuous sentence for an extra point.
Intermediate and advanced students – Identify the verbs in their Past Simple or Past Participle forms.

Our What’s the Same Games are based on Spot It. Play the classic game here!