Would You Rather ESL Speaking Games

would you rather esl speaking games

Would you Rather is a fun and simple conversation game that we often play with friends over a coffee or a cocktail. But it’s also a great way to practice speaking and using the 2nd Conditional in English.

Select your game questions on a specific topic, or skip to the general questions below.

Would you rather… ? – Animal Edition

Would you rather… ? – Clothing Edition

Would you rather… ? – Travel Edition

Would you rather… ? – General Questions

Would you rather…

1.) live an extra hundred years in good health or win a billion dollars?
2.) be the president of the country of your choice or be a famous movie star?
3.) be rich with few friends or poor with lots of great friends?
4.) only be able to watch the local news as your only visual entertainment or only be able to listen to opera as music?
5.) be with the love of your life for 5 years, then be alone or have a partner who was just okay for the rest of your life?
6.) always have to lie but people believe you or always tell the truth but nobody believes you?
7.) have toes as fingers or fingers as toes?
8.) be the best player on a team that always looses or the worst player on a team that always wins?
9.) have the ability to travel into the past or into the future?
10.) every day of the year was Halloween or Christmas?