1st Conditional

We use the 1st Conditional to talk about things that are likely to occur in the future.

Here is the grammatical structure:

1st Conditional

We often contract the SUBJECT + WILL. It looks like this:
I will = I’ll
You will = You’ll
He will = He’ll
She will = She’ll
It will = It’ll
We will = We’ll
They will = They’ll

We can use other words in place of ‘if’. Some words that we can use instead are:
as soon as

Try making your own 1st Conditional sentences with the words above. Read the examples and then answer the questions.

When I get home, I’ll walk the dog. What will you do when you get home?

While I make dinner, I’ll feed my cat. What will you do while you make dinner?

Before I adopt another pet, I’ll think about it carefully. What will you do before you adopt another pet?

After I play with my pets, I’ll rest. What will you do, after you play with your pets?

As soon as I open a bag of treats, my cat will ask for some. What will your pet do, when you open a bag of treats?