Exhibit A English Club’s Top Three Past Simple Field Trips

So you’ve come to the club for warm ups, grammar review, activities and games, and now maybe you’d like to see what else Second Life has to offer. One of the wonderful things about SL is that it is so huge that the posibilities are endless. But when you just want to plan a great class and get on with your day, it can feel like too much of a good thing. Not to worry! Here are three of our favourite locations for Past Simple practice. We hope that one of these will be just right for your class.

1.) Prehistoria- Dinosaur and Dragon Adventure
Grab a free space suit and head into the time machine. You will be teleported into a strange hallway with many magical doors. Beyond each door is a different, beautifully crafted landscape with its own dinosaurs and adventures. One idea is to split up into teams, head off to different lands and report back to the class on what each team saw during their expedition.

Beware! Anyone who dares to enter Azhar Dracys will want to bring a sword, because unlike the other destinations, this portal leads to a fighting style game full of dangerous creatures. Having said that, Prehistoria is designed with kids in mind, and as a safe space for all to enjoy.

For an even more unique experience, the shop sells dinosaur avatars. For those who don’t mind spending a bit of money, there is the options to not just see the dinosaurs, but to become one.

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fort%20Nowhere/128/77/1102

Check out our video of this location: https://youtu.be/FLB95VikRd8

2.) Time Portal- Time Machine Laboratory
You will arrive in a futuristic laboratory that offers various interesting places to visit, from Ancient Rome to the U.S.A. in the 1950s and 60s. Each of the destinations are incredibly detailed and historically acurate, and present loads of ideas for planning a terrific class.

If you want a fun way to build vocabulary, to add an experiencial component to a historical reading, or just to have an engaging discussion in the Past Simple, then you will find the perfect outing here.

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Time%20Portal/128/128/1931

Check out our video of this location: https://youtu.be/AUZ8QpS1fKs

3.) Amavatar Paradise Beach, Pearl Bay

We are all familiar with using our best vacations as a classic theme to practice the Past Simple. But why not put a twist on it, and actually meet on a beautiful, relaxing beach to have the conversation? This spot offers a nice vibe, good tunes and a safe, inclusive environment for all ages.

And it is more that what you see at first. Walk the trails to discover incredible waterfalls and views and more.

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pearl%20Bay/172/103/21

Check out our video of this location : https://youtu.be/kXpXZ-g9cp4

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