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Thanksgiving – Let’s Count Our Blessings


Winter is coming. There is a chill in the air. It will soon be cold and people won’t be able to eat from the gardens and fields. And yet, this is when we celebrate Thanksgiving. Why?

We are grateful because we are ready. We appreciate the hard work we have done all season. We have harvested and collected food for ourselves and our animals. Our barns are stuffed with fresh hay, and our basements are full of firewood. We have made pickels and preserves, smoked fish and meat, and collected grains to make fresh bread.

Thanksgiving is a time to remember that life is a challenge, and it’s not easy for anyone. However, we have the bounty of Nature, and we have each other. We have incredible ingenuity, and the ability to plan ahead and work hard to sustain ourselves in lean times.

So let’s count our blessings. Life is a crazy ride, with so much to be grateful for!

We don’t all have the same things to be grateful for. Some of us are thankful because we are healthy, and some of us know who we are and we have a sense of purpose. Some of us are surrounded by family and friends. Some of us have clean water and nutritious food, a roof and a comfortable bed. Some communities even have services connected right to their homes, with electricity, gas, and even the Internet!

It’s easy to take things for granted, and focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do. This wonderful celebration reminds us to foster a sense of joy, awe, and most of all, gratitude.


What are you most thankful for? Can you express your thoughts in English?

Here are some some questions to inspire you:

What sustains you?
Who matters to you most?
What matters to you most?
What gives you comfort?
What makes you laugh?
What makes you feel connected?

LET’S talk about Thanksgiving to practice English: THANKSGIVING DAY Lesson plan.

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