Affixes – Explanation and Practice

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In this guide, we are going to learn about affixes, prefixes and suffixes.

What are affixes?
Learn more about prefixes.
Learn more about suffixes.

What are affixes?

Affixes are a letter or a group of letters that are added to a root words, either at the beginning or the end. Something added to beginning is called a prefix. Something added to the end is called a suffix.

Let’s take a look at how affixes change the meaning of a word. Let’s use the word employ.

Employ is a verb which means to hire or use. Businesses employ workers.

Employed is the Past Simple of employ. The business employed 5 workers last year.
Employed is also an adjective. My friend is employed.

Employment is a noun, it is about having a job. People need employment to earn money to live.

Unemployment is the opposite, it is about not having jobs. Unemployment is a big problem.

An employer is the person who employs. Camila’s employer didn’t pay her this month.

An employee is the person who works. Tom is an employee for the company.

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