Camping Board Game (Level options for Present Simple, Past Simple or Advanced)

Welcome to the camping game, where you can make your own path, and collect cards to win!

Do you want to review your camping vocabulary before you play?

Number of players: You can have between 2 and 6 players. If there are more people, you can form teams.
Levels: Each of the challenge cards come three levels of difficulty.
Level 1 is for students practicing Present Simple.
Level 2 is for students practicing Past Simple.
Level 3 is for advanced students.

1.) Select your flower game pieces, and place (drag and drop) them on the START square.
2.) Role a die to determine who goes first.
3.) Players role the die, and move in any direction they like along the paths. You can’t land on a square where there is already another player. If there is also a player on that square, you lose your turn. You can only move forward. You can’t turn around, but you can go around the same path as often as you like.
4.) Flip a card to get your challenges. If a player can complete the challenge on a square, they collect a card with that object. If they don’t pass the challenge, they can’t remain on the same square to try again the following turn. They must go around again, and hope to land on the same square, or they can take a different path. There are spaces on the right side of the board for players/teams to keep their card collections.

There are nine colour sets for you to collect. (The colour refers to the primary background colour of the card.) The goal of the game is to collect all 3 cards of the same colour. They must each have a different image. For example, is a player collects the hunting knife, the log and the Sun block, which are the three yellow cards, they win!


Flip the cards to get you challenges:

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