Camping in English

Let’s talk about camping, to practice speaking English.

Do you like camping?
What equipment do you bring on a camping trip?
What is the best type of place to camp?
What do you do if it rains when you are camping?

Warm Up

Find the hidden objects – Can you find and tell us where the objects are, using full sentences? (All levels)

What’s the Word Game – Can you think of a camping word that goes with these three? (Intermediate and Advanced)


Nature Vocabulary – Learn or review with flashcards (All levels)

More Nature Vocabulary – Drag and Drop Game (Intermediate/Advanced)

Camping Vocabulary – Learn with drag and drop games (All levels)

Camping Vocabulary– Practice with flashcards (All levels)

Check out this cute game to practice basic verbs! (External link)

Grammar Games and Writing Activities

Reading and Comprehension – Beginner Liveworksheets

Past Simple regular verbs – Pronunciation quiz

Past Simple Irregular verbs – Can you fill in the correct form of the verb to complete the story?

‘Was’, ‘were’ or ‘did’? – Add the correct words to the questions. This activity can also be used as a fun was to practice conversation.

Past Simple and Past Continuous Fill in the Blank activity.

Tag Question Game Cards (Past Simple or Past Simple and Past Continuous together)

Discover the Camping Story – Practice mixed Past Tenses by putting the sentences in the correct order.

Spooky stories- Telling scary stories around the fire is a classic camping activity. Can you write a short, scary story? (Option to work on these with the teacher, and present them as a speaking/listening activity)


Conversation questions – Pick a question and ask someone (All Levels – Questions in Present Simple)

Camping Board Game – Select your own path and collect cards to win (Option to select your game level)

Debate: Camping versus glamping

Conversation: Imagine that you’re lost in the forest. You need to survive on your own for weeks. You have 6 objects. What are they and why?

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