Clothing and Fashion- An English Lesson

bear wear clothing

Let’s talk about clothing and fashion in English.

1.) What do you usually wear?
2.) Do you have a favourite piece of clothing?
3.) Do you prefer to dress up or to dress down?
4.) Do you enjoy shopping for clothing?


Bear in the city – A simple puzzle with a puzzling challenge. Can we tell each other where to put the pieces? Let’s take turns and try.

Would you Rather? – A quick warm-up conversation game


Bearwear Flashcards– Learn and practice clothing vocabulary

Bearwear Vocabulary Games – Practice vocabulary with drag and drop games

Bearwear Memory Game – Level 1– An easy memory game
Bearwear Memory Game – Level 2 – a more challenging memory game

Nouns for clothing
outfit = everything you are wearing together
wardrobe = all of the clothing that you have

Parts of clothing – A quick vocabulary game

Verbs for clothing
to wear
to carry
to fit
to get dressed
to get undressed
to change/ to change into something


Order of Adjectives Game – Practice putting the adjectives in the correct order. 1st Conditional Sentences.

Phrasal Verbs for Clothing – A2 +

Present Continuous

Learn or Review Future Simple:
Future Simple – All forms
Will – Form and Usage
Going To – Form and Usage

Grammar Practice:
‘Will’ or ‘going to’ – Quiz 1
‘Will’ or ‘going to’ – Quiz 2


What do people usually wear when…
1.) they are relaxing at home?
2.) they work in a factory?
3.) they live in a freezing climate?
4.) they are soldiers and on duty?
5.) they are scientists in a lab?

Continue by adding your own situations!

Guess the model – Describe what the model is wearing.

Conversation Questions – Speaking practice (A2+)

Board game – Beware of Naked Bears! A speaking game review vocabulary and grammar

Women’s Fashion History – Check out the images, and discuss how fashion has changed over time. What styles do you like best?

Fast Fashion Conversation Questions
1.) What is your shirt made of?
2.) Where were the raw materials grown?
3.) Where was the fabric woven?
4.) Where did the dye come from?
5.) Where did the dye go after dying the fabric?
6.) Who sewed it together?
7.) How did it get to the store where you bought it?
8.) Who sold it to you?
9.) How often do you wear it?
10.) What will happen to it, once you are done with it?


Writing – Draw a quick sketch of an outfit that you want to wear. Write about why it a good outfit.

Select an article from Vogue Magazine.
Prepare a summary of the key points from the article.
Use the article for inspiration. Can you write a fashion article? (B2 +)

How Do Events Influence What You Wear? – Brief history of women’s fashion

The History of Sweatshops – Reading from the Smithsonian (C1- C2)